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itchy scalp with braids is something Embrace specializes in with one of our top products, not only helping to give you braid itch relief, but also help heal your scalp. Find out why so many customers come to us for itch relief from their braids.


The true essence of a woman is captured not only in her present state of being, but strongly rooted in her past. Her crowning glory is much more than a statement of style, but gives her the confidence to explore infinite possibilities. EMBRACE by Free-Favor has been cultivated and
inspired by the scholarly, creative, and colorful roots of our history. More than just hair care, we elevate our brand with the scientific teachings of the incomparable George Washington Carver and the lineage of philanthropist and successful African American businesswoman, Sarah
Breedlove, better known to most as Madame C. J. Walker. We now invite you to EMBRACE your legacy.

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Embrace Skin Care and Hair treatments are hot right now! Embrace is a line of luxury skin and hair products, made by you, for you! We have single products to full packages to choose from. Your hair and skin are not something to mess with when choosing products, our luxury products will be worth every penny and that is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee! We understand how important your skin, hair and scalp health are, and our products are designed to help now and into the future.

Get Itch Relief for your Braids

Do you have Itchy scalp with Braids? Braid itch relief is something many people search for, but can't find products that can help alleviate their braid itch. Adore Moisturizing Spray has not let anybody looking to relieve braid itch, itchy scalp by moisturizing your scalp. Adore is scientifically proven to help with your itchy scalp with braids. Find out what so many others are finding out about Embrace Products. There is a reason for the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Embrace Skin Care

Our skin products are formulated to help you get that healthy glow you have been seeking! If you are in search of products for Itchy scalp, we have you covered. Need sprays or cream for your itchy scalp with braids

Embrace Hair Products

Our Weaves, Wigs, Braids and more product is for you. Do you have dry Skin? Our Luxury Body Wash, Oil, Butter and Spray, is for you. The popular luxury Vanilla Body Wash, Body Oil, Body Butter and Luxury Vanilla Body Spray is on sale now! Embrace your legacy, as we embrace ours. With
generations of experience, Embrace Hair and Skin care products are sure to make you or a special someone happy for a long time. We have hair re-growth products that will help restore and repair your hair and itchy scalp from braids, weaves or other hair styles. Embrace Skin Care products are great for rejuvenating your skin with our skin care system. This and other products are also in packages like our Beauty in a bundle. The Beauty in a bundle kit is one of the more popular optinos on our
site. It includes Rejuvenating shampoo, Leave in conditioner, soothing body wash and body oil to leave your hair and body feeling soft and smooth. No more Itchy scalp from your braids, with the products we offer. Regardless of your needs, Embrace has you covered.